How to Make Hellfire Ring in Diablo 3 Game

05-09-2013 09:46

There are few legendary items that can be in Blizzard's Diablo 3 Hack'n'Slay directly at the blacksmith or the jeweler manufacture. And even fewer of them are as powerful as the Hellfire ring. Here you learn what you need to do to wear the coveted ring itself may.

The construction of the Hellfire ring is directly related to the Infernal machine. Should you have not yet done so this, you can read here everything you need to build and use the Infernal machine.


Diablo 3 Gold Cheap: The Hell Fire ring - the ingredients

To make the Hellfire ring, you need three unique and rare ingredients, which you can grab with a little luck of the all-powerful bosses in the otherworldly realms. Since these bosses are not easy to defeat because of their particular strength and its dual combination, you will need this solid-equipped characters. A core group that maintains a good agreement on Team speaks to recommend it.

The individual ingredients for the Hellfire ring you can find at the following bosses:

    The Vengeful Eye - Zoltun Kull / Siegebreaker Beast (The kingdom of rebellion)
    The Devil's Teeth - Qom / Rakanoth (The Realm of Chaos)
    The Twitching spine - Maghda / Skeleton King (The Realm of Discord)

Do you have all three ingredients together, you still need the recipe that you Acquire the merchants crumbs in the second act for Proud 2 million gold. The recipe can hand over, however, also once again demanded 50,000 gold for the production of the ring you your jewelcrafting Sheen.

Observed in the production, there is the ring in four different variants - each with the values intelligence, dexterity, strength or vitality as the main attribute. In addition to four random values gives you the ring also 35% bonus experiences, which also affect the Paragonlevel. In addition to her Inferno triggers a random effect, which causes damage to your opponent. If you do not like the erwürfelten properties of the ring, you have the three ingredients willy-nilly farms again.


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